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Performing Surgery

Nationally Recognized Independent Medical Distributor 

Over 10,000 surgeries guided

Over 200 surgeons served

Over 50 years combined industry expertise

Diverse extremity and wound care portfolio

 We partner with industry leading  manufacturers while providing unmatched physician and facility support focusing on successful patient outcome! 

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Our partnerships are always motivated by the overall benefits and quality of life our devices can bring to patients in need.  We believe in providing the latest innovations without losing quality of patient care.

Senior Doctor


We take our relationship with physicians very seriously.  Our philosophy is to prepare for the unexpected and to create value with our unmatched expertise in the field.  Our support at every stage of the process truly sets us apart.



We recognize that every facility has its own preferred way of doing business and operating efficiently.  Our goal is to always serve in a way that provides value and allows the patient's outcome to be the focus.

Male Nurse

Medical Staff

It's no secret that the medical staff in and out of the operating room are the backbone of every successful medical facility.  Our entire team is dedicated to building relationships will all staff members to ensure we can provide solutions and support at any stage of a procedure.

653 McCorkle Blvd Suite S

Westerville, OH 43082


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